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Green steel and green hydrogen is the duo that is going to play a crucial role in a decarbonized future. Green hydrogen is an enabler of industrial transformation, with steel as one of the key sectors for cost-competitive and viable decarbonization by bringing emissions close to zero in the steel production process.

In Boden, we will build a giga-scale electrolyser, powered by fossil-free electricity, as an integrated part of the production site, producing the green hydrogen needed to bring 5 million tonnes of high-quality steel to the market by 2030.

Together with our industry peers, customers, and communities, H2 Green Steel is taking an important step to help build an industry we can all be proud of.


Green Steel

Steel is the world's most important engineering and construction material, used in every aspect of our lives – from the cars we drive and the buildings we work in, to the homes in which we live and the kitchen appliances we use every day.

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Green hydrogen

To help offset man-made emissions and fight climate change, we need to move faster and focus where it makes the most difference – heavy industry, which is responsible for around 40% of global emissions. At H2 Green Steel, we intend to meet the challenge of significant decarbonization by building one of the world’s largest electrolysis plants, powered by green hydrogen produced with fossil-free energy, as an integrated part of our steel production facility in Boden.

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