The future of steel is green


Steel is the world's most important engineering and construction material, used in every aspect of our lives – from the cars we drive and the buildings we work in, to the homes in which we live and the kitchen appliances we use every day. 

Steel is the foundation to our modern society. Europe has a rich history of cooperation on steel with a common market that spurred economic growth and innovation, improving living standards as well as generating employment and tax revenue.

But steel is also one of the world’s dirtiest industries, responsible for more than 7 percent of global CO2 emissions. At H2 Green Steel, we are taking on decarbonization on an industrial scale, working with our customers and partners to show that change is possible.

Sustainable green steel production will unlock immense opportunities for people and the planet. And we’re not going to stop innovating, developing, and collaborating to find new and better ways to make steel that is not only kind to people, but also the environment.


Green Steel production

By producing green steel in a fully integrated production process, using end-to-end digitalization, electricity from fossil-free sources and green hydrogen instead of coal, we are committed to set state-of-the-art technologies to work and bring emissions down.

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We aim to build the world’s first large-scale green steel plant. By combining existing iron and steelmaking technologies with a large-scale green hydrogen production, we could have a production up and running as early as 2025.

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Customer segments


Automotive and transportation

renewable energy, piping, and tubing

Appliances, whitegoods, and furnishing

distribution and processing